Kentucky Aviation Association

The Kentucky Aviation Association is a non-profit corporation organized under the 501(c)(6) federal tax c​ode. We foster and promote aviation facilities, safety, industry, business, recreation, and aerospace education in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and pool and bring together the various interests and talents of individuals, bureaus, agencies, departments, professional people, and municipalities, for those purposes.

Our Mission

The mission of the Kentucky Aviation Association (KAA) is to promote aviation and airport management in the Commonwealth of Kentucky through networking and professional development opportunities. KAA is a not-for-profit organization consisting of Executive, Professional, Corporate and Honorary members.

Currently, there are 59 publicly owned and publicly operated airports in the Commonwealth of Kentucky system; 6 are air carrier airports providing service to commercial or regularly scheduled airlines in addition to serving the interest of general aviation. The remaining 53 are General Aviation facilities that service private and corporate aviation needs.

Our Objective

1. To investigate, study, discuss and recommend improvement in and the application of more efficient methods of airport management and administration.

2. To provide educational forums within which airport staff and board members may exchange information, ideas and experiences, and consult with their peers.

3. To collect, compile and distribute to airport officials information about airports and the management and administration of aeronautical/aviation affairs.

4. To provide the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the public with information necessary for and pertinent to management and administration of airport affairs and update legislation.

5. KAA Staff, Board of Directors and our members will continue to provide all things necessary and proper to assist airports in the management and administration of their local airports.

KAA Bylaws

Submit photos of aircraft, terminals, aerials, events, etc. to be posted on the KAA Website and Facebook!